Best 500+ Telegram Groups for 2021 with Invite Links

Telegram is a fast emerging instant messaging application bustling with 200 million active users today. Users here are allowed to create groups and share group invitation links on other social media channels to spread the word. if you click on these links, you will be welcomed to these groups. This particular feature is not viable with other existing instant messaging apps today. It’s to note here the invitation links are created & sent by the admin of these groups. It’s the admin who has the authority to decide whom to allow into the group and whom to not.

Best Telegram Groups for 2020

Best Telegram Groups

  1. ICO Headstart- English
  2. Python
  3. The Coin Farm
  4. Forex Global Chat
  5. Stickers Chat
  6. WMR
  7. WhaleClub (Bitcoin Only) Traders
  8. Whalepool
  9. English Hypercat
  10. Global Chat Group

You can join these groups right now.

However, there are many other groups on Telegram where you can catch up with new friends, make money, talk about your business, and so on. Below is given a number of lists of other Telegram groups in various categories so that you can easily choose your one as per your interests.

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Best General Groups on Telegram

These groups are great for chatting and have got some really friendly folks.

  1. General Global Chat Group
  2. my trap card
  3. Best Movies Discuss
  4. English Offtopic Chat
  5. InterNational Chatting
  6. Best GIFs sharing Group
  7. Friendly Chats
  8. International People
  9. Regular Chat

Cryptocurrency Groups on Telegram

Cryptocurrency is undoubtedly the future of investments. Are you too interested in cryptocurrency and wish to stay updated about the latest strategies & trends in the crypto world? Well, then, these groups could be helpful for you.

  1. Whirlpool #longterminvestors
  2. Blue Whale Foundation
  3. Ripple XRP
  4. Robinhood
  5. NEO Blockchain
  6. Litecoin LTC
  7. ODYSSEY (OCN) Official Community
  8. Monero MXR
  9. Bitbns Community?
  10. Bitcoin Private
  11. WanchainCHAT

Telegram groups 18+

Telegram groups 18+

You can consider the following as the best 18+ Telegram groups of 2020 that are a guaranty to meet your daily needs and requirements. It is no doubt that adults have a tendency to learn the things that they consider of benefit and importance to them, hence the reason why will compile the list of best telegram groups 18+

A Sneak Peek into Telegram Group Channels
Group Name Joining Link
Malaysia literal image
Gang Yang
Lenka Aildaniev
Dating Yard
You know it.
Dating Groups
You know what it is
Dating Yard
You know it World
Indian IT Girls and Memes
Only English Chat
The on Demand
Furry Chat w/ NSFW Things 16+
Indian Wonders

Forex Groups on Telegram

Are you into Forex? Well, then you must be looking for portals where you can discuss different aspects of Forex trading such as currencies, stocks, trading strategies, and so on. Below is a list of some Forex groups on Telegram where you will find other Forex traders and enthusiasts to share & exchange views.

  1. Fx Global Group
  2. Forex Scalper chat
  3. Best Forex Tips
  4. Forex Strategies
  5. Forex Beginner Helps

Best groups for chatting in English

telegram dating

These groups are meant for English speaking niche on Telegram. However, if you are from a non-English speaking country looking forward to enhancing your English skills, you can join these groups.

  1. Off-topic English Chat Group
  2. Whirlpool Offtopic
  3. ? FRIENDLY ????
  4. Engagement Groups
  5. The query of DREAM 11 FANTASY
  6. 2gether- community
  7. Big Talk Chat
  8. International Friends
  9. English World
  10. International Chatting
  11. English Land

Chat groups for Russians on Telegram

You also have chat groups especially for Russian speaking populace on Telegram. If you are from a Russian speaking country, it’s natural that you will look for friends who speak your language. These groups will be great to look for and chat with many Russian-speaking people around the world. You can also take to these groups if you are learning Russian and need to speak with lots of people to hone up your vocabulary of the language.

Fun chat groups

Then, there are chat groups bustling with fun stories, clips, GIFs, memes, and so on.

  1. Memes of the day
  2. Fun Menu
  1. ? Death Note ??
  2. Best funny GIFs
  3. Funny Videos Daily
  4. Funny Chats with Stickers
  5. Funny Group Chats
  6. Market of Fun
  7. Best Funny Images everyday
  8. World of Fun

Education Groups on Telegram

There are many academic groups on Telegram as well.

Indian groups for chatting on Telegram

Are you an Indian looking to connect with a fellow Indian? Are you on the lookout of an Indian professional since Indians are always brilliant and hard-working? Well, there are some groups on Telegram that are especially meant to connect with Indians.

  1. Indian Daily News Discussion
  2. Indian People Group Chats
  3. Best Indian life tips
  4. Learn Indian
  5. Indian tips for travelers
  6. India Telegram Connecting People
  7. Lovely India

Groups for chatting in Italian

If you are looking to talk to an Italian, then, there are some designated groups on Telegram.

  1. QuattroPassiNelDisagio.
  2. I lupacchiotti sonnambuli del Fight Club ??
  3. Social Friends
  5. Juventus Mania
  6. Blue Squares
  7. Lupus IntelliFabula

Anime Groups on Telegram

Do you love Anime? Well, you will be glad to know some groups on Telegram are specifically dedicated to Anime lovers and enthusiasts.

  1. The best Anime group
  2. Anime World
  3. Anime Discussion
  4. The best Telegram Anime Group
  5. Dragon Balls Fan
  6. One Anime Movie Every Day
  7. Naruto Fans
  8. Best Anime Fans

Groups only for girls

There are some girly discussions that are best shared with girls. Thus, there are some exclusive girls-only groups on Telegram.

  1. Girls Chatting Daily
  2. Girls Only Group
  3. Female Chat Groups
  4. Young Ladies
  5. Young College Girls
  6. Best Tips for Girls

Movies Groups

Some top groups for movie buffs on Telegram are:

  1. WMR™
  2. Movie Now
  3. Quality Movies

We will wind up the discussion with tips on joining Telegram Groups through Invite Links.

  • Install Telegram
  • Click on a preferred link given here
  • It will take you to a page
  • You will be asked whether you wish to open up the app. Click on “Okay”
  • After the app opens, you will be asked for permission for joining your chosen group
  • Look for the tab saying “Join Telegram Group Chat” and click on it
  • Enjoy chatting

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