Best Telegram Games: Explore the full Channels Collection

Great news for Telegram users! The popular instant messaging application has recently come up with a great series of amazing video games for the users. As a Telegram user, you will be able to play these games both with your chat groups and friends. And the coolest part is, all these games are available completely free of cost!

A few words on Telegram

Launched in 2013, Telegram has gained massive popularity in a very short span. Today, this free instant messaging application is bustling with 200 million active users. Telegram easily stands out over other instant messaging applications thanks to its host of exclusive features. For example, it allows a single user to coordinate with as many as 5,000 people! Then, it also carries the great facility of destructing message with its unique message destruction timer. Besides, users here can send documents regardless of type and size as well as build tools on their API.

Enjoy Cool Games and Other Exciting Features with Telegram

Have you still not signed up with Telegram? Well, if not, do it now as it will enable you to enjoy some really amazing features that are described below.

Telegram video games

Telegram games

As mentioned previously, Telegram users will now be able to play free video games inside the application only. You will find thousands of gaming options to pick from. Browse through the vast and versatile Telegram game gallery, choose a one as per your interests, open the game with telegram and enjoy.

Most of the games you will find on Telegram now are able to showcase the best of players in the whole town. Every player’s score is directly displayed in chat group. The games also come up with leaderboard that shows best players with best scores.

Some of the Best Telegram Games to Play

  1. Pocket World Cup
  2. Lumberjack
  3. The Dev Runner
  4. Jumping Submarine
  5. Space Orbit
  6. F1 Racer
  7. Speed Driver

Other interesting features of Telegram

Make own GIFs

Telegram enables its users to make GIFs with their own recordings easily and then share them with their buddies.

To do that, look for “attach file” symbol on your Telegram window and click on it. Then, you will have to select video action that will enable you to record the reaction. When you are done with the capture, save it & trim it as per your preferred size. Then, the video will be looped automatically into animated GIF section so that you can share the new GIF on Telegram.

Image editing

If you want to polish up your pictures, take to Telegram. Yes, the application comes with easy image editing facilities, much to the pleasure of its users.  To do that, go to “attach file” symbol on your Telegram window and click on it. Then, choose camera or gallery to upload pictures on Telegram. Select the image and then you will be automatically taken to photo editor. The photo editor in Telegram enables users to modify photos in various ways. You can crop out unwanted parts, adjust color and so on. You will also be able to add text to your photo and draw picture.

Self destruction of messages

If you carry a private conversation on Telegram, you will definitely wish to remove all traces of such chats. Well, Telegram helps you to do that easily and makes your work even easier with its in-built self-destructive timer. This timer will enable you to set a fixed time. Once the time is reached, your secret messages will be automatically destroyed.

To set timer, swipe left turn on home page & click on “new secret chat”. Then, you will be able to add recipients to have secret chats with. After that, you will simply tap on timer icon 7 set time duration.

Termination of active sessions

What if your phone gets stolen? You certainly don’t want anyone else to have a sneak peek into the chat window. Now, the good news is Telegram enables users to terminate every active session on your smartphone with just a single click through your tablet/laptop/desktop.

To do that, go to Settings & select “Privacy and Security”. Now, click on active sessions. After that, all active sessions as well as details of the device will come up before you. Select what you want to terminate & click on “OK”.

Easy management of Telegram media

telegram game bot

Telegram enables users to receive and send media or files of any type and size. In case, there are space issues in your smartphone, you may disable it. To disable it, swipe left turn on homepage & select settings. After that, swipe down & you will be able to find autosave GIFs & save to the gallery options right under messages section. Based on your preference, you can choose to enable or disable it.

Hide “Last Seen”

Do you know Telegram allows to hide “last seen” of users from some specified users? Yes, you heard it right! As a Telegram users you can easily block a specific person from seeing when you were last seen on the app.

Go to the Settings & select “Privacy and Security”. Tap on last seen & then select  people before whom you want to display “last seen”.

Lock conversations

Telegram is equipped with an in-built personal conversational locker that will enable you to keep the personal messages hidden.

Go to the Settings & select “Privacy and Security”. Look for “password lock”. Enable it & set password. Now, set auto-lock time which will lock chats automatically if you do not open these chats for a specified time. Otherwise, manual locking is also possible with a tap on lock button.

Turn off message preview and message notification

On Telegram, message preview appears on notification shade and lock screen. This way, anyone can check your messages and that too even opening the app. But the good thing is, you can easily disable message preview and notification on Telegram.

Open settings and simply click on “notifications and sounds”. You will see both message preview & notifications popping up. Disable them to keep your messages safe from prying eyes.

Preview & add stickers

Telegram stickers are real cool and add a fun factor to your chats. And you will be glad to know Telegram users are able to preview and add stickers via 3rd party apps, 3rd party sites as well as reddit threads.

If you want to add stickers, go to your chat box & click on sticker icon. It will open up with a huge host of stickers & masks. Click on add tab to add as many stickers you want. After adding, you can preview them by simply pressing on them.

Keep Alive

Telegram has recently introduced a new feature called “Keep Alive” which enables users to get notifications through running it right in background. It implies, users will get to know whatever is happening right at the moment on Telegram.

Go to settings and simply click on “notifications and sounds”. Now, swipe down to reach “other” section. After that, enable “Keep Alive” followed by background connection.

Telegram bots

Telegram Bots are accounts of telegram app which you can code & use to add further features. The best examples of Telegram bots are:

  • @RateSticketBot- enables one to rate & discover sticker sets
  • @ImageBot- it sends images relevant to keywords
  • @Gamee– bustling with amazing Telegram games for users

Personal Cloud storage

Telegram offers cloud storage facilities to its users to prevent space issues in their devices.

Go to Menu tab & click on cloud icon. A chat window will come up and this is where you can forward chosen media to store all of them in Telegram cloud.


Channels are a unanimous favorite among Telegram users. You will find a huge range of Telegram channels to subscribe to as per your specific interests. There are 2 sorts of channels on Telegram- Public and Private. Any user can create a channel on any content. You can join public channels anytime and that as many as you wish to. However, a private channel on Telegram is sometimes hidden from regular search. You will need invitation links from the channel owner to join a private channel.

To create channel on Telegram, go to the Menu tab & look for “New Channel” option. Click on it and enter Channel name & description. After that, select whether you want it to be public or private. Then, you will have to make a unique URL of your channel.

Search friends via username

Telegram is very particular about security. To protect the phone numbers of users, it allows to add people via unique username. If you are looking for someone on Telegram, you will have to know his username to find & add him.

Create APIs

Ask any app developer about their favorite API and Telegram API would be the most voted option. The application offers APIs for users as well. Telegram has come up with 2 forms of API creation facilities – Bot API and Telegram API. Both of them are available free of charge. you can use these APIs to create great Telegram games and bots.

So, when are you signing up with this awesome instant messaging application?

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