Short Love Quotes For your Girlfriend

When it comes to matters of the heart, Women are very emotional and need the reaffirmation of their love. Today, I’ll be sharing with you, the best-compiled list, containing beautiful and sweet quotes you can send to your girlfriends. Have you ever thought of pieces of stuff like; “I love you quotes for her that will make her cry”? No? no, worries, we are here just for you 🙂

Take note that these romantic quotes for girlfriend can be used in text messages, WhatsApp message/status, Facebook post, etc.

25+ Real short love quotes for your girlfriend.

Without further ado, here are some carefully selected romantic quotes for her to make her smile.

short love quotes for your girlfriend

“Believe me when I tell you that, my love for you will never fade, irrespective of conditions, be it your past, present, or even what you intend doing in future”.

“Your beauty is overwhelming. You were created without an iota of struggle. In fact, everything that makes you human is beautiful. You have a good heart, a lovely mind, and a wonderful soul”.

“It is a thing of amazement on how you managed to visit my life in a day, and when you left, suddenly, it seems as though the same life you visited depends on you”.

“It doesn’t matter where I am at any moment, nor what I am or will be facing, I will never cease to have you in mind, neither will I forget the lovely moment we shared.  Even if I am given another opportunity to do the same thing, I will still do it many times over”.

“Most times, I doubt if we are not made with the same clay and breath. If not, how do you explain the connection that has existed between us and the extent of my unfading love for you since the beginning of time?”

“During the winter period, others embrace the warmth of their jackets. In the darkness, they clamor for a torchlight. But not me. Why would I? Of course, I have you as a fire that keeps me warm, and as a sun and moon that refuses to let me experience darkness both in the day and at night”.

romantic quotes for her to make her smile

“I love seeing you smile. Because it accompanies the kind of beauty that can’t be seen even in the stars”.

“Thank the stars, we are together today. You just happen to be the right person to feel the void that was left in my life. I was thinking of exploring the whole universe hoping to look for that one person that can fill the emptiness. Little did I know you were that person”.

“Everything about you, starting from your beautiful eyes, lovely smiles, and your wonderful countenance each time you speak to me, gives me a great reason to smile, it gives me the hope to wake up the next day, knowing that I have someone that can make my day great. In fact, all these factors make me miss you each time you are not at my side”.

“If I don’t love you, of what use am I living. You can only compare my love for you with that of a drowning man for air. I don’t think I can survive without having more of you”.

“Each time I said to myself, if I can ever love you better, I always tend to find out that as the days go by, I love you the best”.

“As a dying man needs oxygen, as a traveler in the scorching sun of the desert needs water, and as the birds of the air need the sky to fly higher, so are you to me. A life without you is worthless”.

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“I know I can’t deny the fact that nothing in this world is permanent. A time will come when the world we call our own ceases to exist, everything we all labored for will all go down, and even love itself will cease to exist on earth. Everything will eventually vanish into thin air. Yet, I still love you, which is also a fact that can never be denied”.

“I loved you yesterday. I love you today. I will love you tomorrow and forever”.

“Having you in my life is a dream come true. What more can I desire, than knowing that you love me”.

“Whatever their opinion or thoughts, still do not forget this, I love you”.

“My love for you is beyond description. I don’t think there is any other love in this world that is comparable to that I have for you, hence, there is no greater expression of love from anyone than this”.

“If I am ever to be forced to make a choice between you and an oxygen to live, I would rather, with the last breath left in me, declare how impossible it is not to love you”.

“No one can ever plan or predict a sincere love. It just comes any time, suddenly and with a speed of lightning”.

“I desire to be with you every moment of the day, from the rising of the sun to the setting and dawning of the same. I cherish your tears, laughter, and kisses. I want to feel the warmth of your embrace, to feel the impact of your body with me. In my final moments in this world, I want you to be the last person I see, touch, and feel”.

“Of course, there is no atom of regrets loving you. After all, you made me who I am today. I don’t care what might happen tomorrow or any day, what I am sure of is that we are meant for each other, I love u and will forever love you. I will never cease to cherish every moment we shared no matter how short”.

“Wherever I go, I can never be lost to you, I always have you like a map to come back to you”.

“Love can be mysterious, it can humble even the most adamant of hearts, love that can make him feel the heat, awaken his spirit of want, and fall prey to the faint voice of a lover”.

“Like an endless tale, depthless valley, an edgeless distance of a journey, my love for you knows no bounds, it is certainly limitless and forever”.

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