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Pakistan girl number – Pakistan girls are born beauties. Blessed with excellent genes, Pakistani girls are simply stunning. Not only that, they are well-mannered, homely and caring. Most of the Pakistan women are high educated and hold college and university degrees. Are you looking forward to date Pakistani girls? Well, who would not wish to date such gorgeous damsels?!? For your convenience, the article here has listed down some Dos and Don’ts to follow while dating a Pakistan girl.

The Dos and Don’ts of Dating a Pakistan girl

pakistani girl number

The Dos

Show genuine respect

This point not only applies to Pakistani women but all women out there. You should be respectful to your lady to earn her respect. Be careful of any gesture that may spark controversy or conflict.

Learn some Urdu words

Your Pakistan girl will really appreciate your effort in learning her language. You may not have the time the entire language but you can at least learn some Urdu greetings. Learn how to say “thank you”, good morning” or “good night” in Urdu. Also Urdu is a majestic language and you will have a great time learning it.

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Maintain physical distance

This is a very very important point while you are dating a Pakistani girl. Girls here are raised in a conservative atmosphere. They are not exactly casual when it comes to dating a man. They may go out with you for lunch or dinner but they won’t like you inching too close. So, maintain some level of physical distance while you are together. Let her feel comfortable in your presence. If she is able to trust you, she may herself get closer to you. Patience is the key here and some people are truly worth the wait.

The Don’ts

Don’t be over-smart

Pakistan girls are non-sense women. They know how to have fun but they won’t tolerate stupidity. So, don’t you ever try to be too cool before them.  A lot of guys are of the misconception that if they talk about affairs with lots of girls- it will make them look very wanted among women. Don’t do that before a Pakistan girl. She won’t put up with your over smart attitude.

Don’t swear

As mentioned before, Pakistan girls are raised in conservative culture and they are extremely careful about right manners and etiquette. One swear word from your mouth is enough to turn her off. So, do not make that mistake when you are with her. Even if you unmindful throw out a cuss word while with her, make sure to apologize to her immediately.

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Pakistani Girls Whatsapp Number 2018

pakistani girl whatsapp number


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