Mangalore Girls Whatsapp Phone Numbers for Friendship

Mangalore Girls Mobile Numbers – Girls from Mangalore are known for their exceptional beauty and polite demeanor. It is astounding how such gorgeous girls are so down to earth. It is hard not to fall for these all beauties. If you are looking to impress one of these Mangalorean damsels, follow these tips and tricks to make the most out of your conversations and dates with her.

How to Get the Mangalorean Girl of Your Dreams

Mangalore Girls Phone Numbers for Friendship

  • Be a gentleman

Mangalore women tend to be drawn towards men who are polite and soft-spoken because they themselves have these habits inculcated in them. They are not in search of men with six-packs or the most handsome face. They are on the lookout for someone with whom they can have a meaningful conversation and connect with regard to their viewpoints. Simply put on your best behavior and be good at carrying on conversations and half your work is done.

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  • Do your research

Mangalore is rich in culture and the entire city is scattered with girls from different ethnic groups. Mangalorean women hate being confused as girls from some other ethnicity as they are very proud of their heritage.

If you want to have a Mangalorean woman as your girlfriend, you might as well research and learn more about her ethnicity, food culture and get a somewhat grasp over the language she speaks be it Tulu, Konkani, or others.

  • Focus on your appearance

As aforementioned Mangalorean women are not always on the lookout for the drop-dead gorgeous specimen. That being said it does not mean they do want a presentable man. You should maintain proper hygiene, dress adequately based on the occasion and venue, and so on. Also, it is an old saying in some homes in Mangalore, that a clean-shaven man is a bit effeminate to the eyes. So sport a beard or a moustache. This is only applicable though in some warrior communities.

  • Be chivalrous

Women from Mangalore are usually very reserved based on the strict culture they have grown up in. So give her some time to get comfortable with you before you start pushing her to meet you or before you get cozy with her. If you give her, her own physical space she is bound to get warm with you over time.

  • Be attentive to her

Men often treat women like they are the lesser species and pay little heed to her comments or views. If you too follow this policy she will quick to dump you and you will never hear from her again. Listen to what she has to say and get to know her better. Show her that you care and she will return the favor in more ways than one.

Mangalore Girls Whatsapp Numbers

Mangalore Beauty Girls Whatsapp Numbers

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