Madly in Love Quotes for Her to Make Her Cry

Women are prompt to tears, especially when the guy they love goes out of his way to show her, either through actions or spontaneous messages, how much he loves her. We have selected the best collections of Madly in Love Quotes for Her to Make Her Cry.

I won’t lie, being in Love is amazing! And being able to experience love is a fantastic emotion that all humans should experience here on earth.

Love Quotes for Her

If you want your wife, girlfriend, or partner to love you the more, and be grateful, then using these beautiful and sweet love quotes for her to express your true feelings and thoughts is the easiest way to let her into your mind and how you feel about her.

I think that a healthy relationship, or any relationship that you want to last long, should be expressive, open and honesty is mandatory. However, one shouldn’t over gratitude. You can express your feelings to your significant other, so she is aware of exactly how you feel about her, and how she’s changed your way for good.

To tell your girlfriend/wife or partner how much she means to you, I’ll recommend you use the right love quotes that will certainly melt her heart and give her a sense of security. For a man to be honest and express his true feelings will surely outweigh any corny expressions that he may opt to use instead.

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Here are some unique madly in love quotes for her that may be used to put your feelings into words.

Madly in Love Quotes for Her.

Madly in Love Quotes for Her.

“I have searched throughout the universe, yet, I haven’t seen anything that can beat the feeling I have when you touch and kiss me, even your smiles. They all make me feel happy every moment of my life”.

“Only the happy ones that can give happiness. Yet, I ca’ give someone happiness, and no other person can give me happiness”.

“You are very far away from me. So far away. Still the thoughts of you make me happy”.

“There is a reason I smile. It is a wonderful day for a wonderful person. It is you. You are the source of my happiness”.

“There are people that can give love but can’t give happiness. There are equally those that can give happiness but can’t give love. Luckily for me, I have that one person that can give both equally. Thanks for being a part of me”.

“You are that one person that puts in every effort to make me happy. I admire not only the extent of the love you have for me but also the way you show it added to the fact that you make me happy always”.

“In everything I do, I am always certain of one thing, you are the only one who never ceases to make me happy”.

“My happiness is not as a result of falling in love. It’s simply as a result of falling in love with you”.

“Wherever I go to, I take you along with me, be it in joy or in grief, you are beside me. When I fall, you are there to raise me up. I appreciate you for being who you are, and for standing by me, I cherish you, dear”.

“One thing I am very certain of is that almost all of my smiles start with you”.

“Before we met, I doubt if have ever known what it was like to be able to look at someone and smile for no reason”.

“I am now happier than I used to, just because you are with me. You make me happy”.

“I can’t believe that what I have ever longed for has come to be. Finally, my heart can now rest. With you by my side, I don’t think I can ever have anything like a bad day. I feel lively like never before. I can’t thank you enough”.

“With you by my side, I can never be bored even if we were discussing and happen to run out of conversations. Knowing that you are with me gives me greater happiness than you could possibly imagine”.

“If I am to choose one person to have out of the many in the entire universe, I will confidently choose you. I won’t fail to send you the most captivating love captions that can ever be seen, for you are all I have”.

love quotes that will make her cry

“It’s so astonishing that each day, there is always an entirely different reason to love you more than the previous day”.

“I have been searching for a best friend, one that I can trust, cherish, and proudly love and cherish for the rest of my life. I have found you”.

“Anyone who really thinks I am insane should ask you. You made me go crazy about everything, especially about you”.

“I am the luckiest man on earth to have been blessed with someone that can do anything to see me happy all the time. Indeed you are God sent, an angel on earth”.

“You are the only source of my smile. I wish you can look into my eyes and discover how unique you are to me and much joy you brought to me every day”.

“It doesn’t matter to me who you are or our background differences. What matters is that we can make us happy. We can live together forever happy”.

“Immediately I see you every day, I have the feeling of love inside of me and I am so happy about that”.

“Your life attracted me to you, and in turn, I get attracted to you, for that reason, I love it. Most importantly, I cherish you, because you have become my life”.

“In the midst of the too many things that go through my mind each day, you remain rooted in the most sensitive part of it”.

 “I always wanted you to be my friend. Most importantly, I have always dreamt of being your lover”.

 “I have never thought that I will come to love somebody the extent I love you”.

“They said that life is like a market place where you come, buy and go back home. I came to buy, I met you and I remained with you because I suddenly lacked the reason to go back”.

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