200+ Real Indian Desi Girls Whatsapp Numbers For Chatting (2021)

Indian Desi Girls Phone Number – Dating an Indian beautiful Desi girl is no joke. It might seem lucrative because they have the prettiest faces and wits to match, but they can be quite a catch. If you are looking to date an Indian girl, you are most likely to find online websites that offer such an option. Once you have their mobile number you can resort to different ways to attract them.

While chatting or talking over the phone may seem simple, meeting her upfront will be a different experience altogether. And you should be prepared to handle the curveballs she is going to throw your way. But before we head over to Indian Desi Girls Whatsapp Numbers, Let’s see the list of do’s and don’ts, if followed religiously is sure to help you further your relation with these gorgeous women.

Do’s and Don’ts of Dating dreamy Desi Indian Girls

indian beautiful desi girl


  • Compliment her on her looks and wit: While most girls are happy being just a showpiece and pretty, Indian girls like being complimented on their brains too. They are beauty with brains and they are not afraid to flaunt it.
  • Be a good listener: Women like men who can listen to them without interrupting them constantly. By taking a genuine interest in her likes and dislikes, you will be showing her that her opinions and views matter, potentially making you worthy of her time.
  • Be different: Indian girls always have a swarm of guys looking to win her over. If you have to impress her, you have to be different from the usual lot. You can be funny, or have a unique talent or be a great conversationalist. Remember to be interesting or she will get bored in a jiffy and never reach out to you again.

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  • Don’t be desperate: if there is one thing that Desi girls cannot tolerate, it is a needy desperate people-pleaser. Being subtle in your approach is the key. You should show off your attributes but push them too hard on her and she will sprint.
  • Don’t check your phone too often: If you are with your date and you must continuously excuse yourself to receive calls or text, it is bound to send her the wrong impression. She will assume she is boring you and you will never hear from her again.

Gender roles: If the woman insists on going dutch, you should definitely agree. If you pay for her on all instances she will consider you a devout patriarch and never look back. Indian women are fiercely independent, question or threaten that and you have lost her.

Indian Desi Girls Mobile Numbers

indian desi girls numbers

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