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If you look around, it is not hard to discover that online chat name for groups is in vogue today, no wonder almost all the social app has an online group chat option. It might be your group is still undecided what kind of online chat name your group want to create, or maybe your workgroup use group SMS to communicate to make easy for group members share schedules, vital news, trade funny story, and behind the scene events. Even in your family’s Facebook Messenger group, you talk about so many things including things like making preparations for your distant cousin’s birthday party and your close friend’s exam date.

funny group chat names

We are birds of the same feather in the online group chat in one way or another, and sometimes we belong to more than one online group chat. Group chats can give you the sense of having a really friendly conversation, with the comic stories and teasing, etc., that we all enjoy. These are a fantastic way to share your plans, how your day was like, and let all your group friends, associates, close and distant relations would like to know about, including vacation plans and other related stories.

FAQs on Group Chat Names

What should I name my group chat?

This is entirely up to you. And also, it depends on what your group is about. If your group is about “Dogs”, then calling your group Catgods or LionCubs will not be an ideal. It should rhyme with your group team. Something like PuppyJokers, DogCamp, etc. will be OK.

What are good squad names?

There are lots of them available, you can browse through the list below to find good squad names. (Soonest, we will be dedicating a page for this also, so be on the lookout).

What is the best name for Friends group?

Take a look at our collection below and don’t hesitate to add yours and we will update the list. You want your squad to be rugged in town? Then go for what is not common among men!

What are the names for a group of 4 friends?

Looking for names for a group of four friends? See our collection below;

All 4 of Us.
Fabulous Four.
Friends 4eva. (Friends 4 Ever)
Fearsome Foursome.
The Fly Four.
4-Ever Plus

Funny Group Chat Names Collections

The great thing about some group messaging platforms, like WhatsApp, Facebook, and GroupMe messenger, is the flexibility of changing the name of what you want to call your group chat. Contrasting the SMS style, instead of showing the names of your chat group members in the areas mentioned already, some apps do allow for modification of the name of the group for all users. This arrangement works well for maintaining various threads arranged. For instance, you would like to ensure that your girl friend’s arrangement you are making in another thread is hidden from her.

This can also ensure that you can rename your group to something your group considers to be fun, a name that shows what your chat group represents – with the result that your group is always on-topic. It means you can often change them without difficulty, making your study group a party planning group whenever you decide to effect the change.

Whether you choose to change the group name to something humorous, smart, sweet, or the combination of all three, renaming your group name, supposing this is possible within your app, is great fun. But for the less creative-minded person, this can cause you too much stress and can be likened to letting slip that your girl’s friend’s previous boyfriend is invited to witness her church wedding.

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You have nothing to worry about though because you are fully covered. We have compiled a list of hundreds of group chat names, sorted out into groups. Whether you are in search of something that fits your workgroup, your friendship group, or both, we have some of the relevant group names available across the board. Have a good look, and be at liberty to make use of it, combine or use the ideas the way they are!

Family-based chat groups

Normally, our family usually comes first. So it doesn’t matter whether you belong to a chat group with parents, siblings, close or distant cousins, or your politically-minded aunts and uncles, no doubt, you will name the chat group something that suits your family members. We have family names available no matter the name you want to choose for your family chat group, make your choice from the list below:

1. Some plain group chat names

We don’t have chat group names just for the family members, or cousins, uncles or friends but for different people out there who can be categorized easily. Just take a look:

  • The Public Quadrangle
  • All Us Single Folks
  • Awesome Blossoms
  • Blockheads
  • Stocky Monkeys
  • Sports Fans
  • Hackers
  • Don’t Join Us

2. Immediate family members

Deem fit the following family members’ chat group and make your choice. Your family should have a way of doing certain things or showing love to one another, the list covers everything.

  • Drama That Includes My GrandMa
  • Family hush-hush
  • Family knot
  • Yes, We are one Family
  • I Have no Friends, I Have Family
  • Silence Not Golden Here
  • We are Talkative
  • The One Folks
  • The Unbeatable

3. Chats with cousins

Cousins can be an entirely different group. Depending on the composition of your family, contacts with your cousins may be limited, unlike your immediate family members who can be very close. You can figure out how often your cousin shows up in your life, unlike your siblings. So whether your cousins who are very friendly or those who always try to pry into your affairs, we have great names below for your group chat.

  • What’s up, Cuz?
  • Cursing Cousins
  • Family Gan
  • World of Cousins
  • Only Slightly Related.
  • Always As One
  • Chats with Spoiled Brats
  • Kin of Better Times
  • Cousins of colony

4. Friend chat group

Chats with friends in a chat group are fun and keep you going and it is in this group you can choose the most hilarious name. With friends you can chat on anything under the earth, planning your weekend outing, gossiping about your former teacher; group chats with friends is the peak of fun. So no matter the type of friend you keep, you will find a perfect name match for your group. Make your choice.

  • Gibberish In Neutral
  • The Burn Book
  • Devils and Angels
  • We Tie For Ever
  • Life and Good Tunes
  • Funky Gang
  • Bachelor Bunch

5. Guys group chat names

The boys, men chat too. We have some funny and great names for the guys. Whether you met at a high school or clubhouse, you have suitable names to choose from.

  • Rock Stars
  • 21st Century Cavemen
  • The Arousing
  • Bachelor Get-together
  • Only Singles
  • Bros Forever
  • Don’t Ruin It
  • The Giant Dogs
  • The Folks In Black
  • Secret Deal

6. Sisters Group Chat

As sisters, what a better way to keep in touch than to belong to one chat group. Here are some funny names you choose from.

  • My Moment Mother
  • God Made Relations
  • My Prized Sister
  • My Blood Divide
  • Share all with Sister
  • Hearts With No Holes
  • My Initial Instructor
  • Directing Sisters
  • More than a Sister
  • Value Added Sister


We have great names for every conceivable group you can imagine. Are you a sports fan, food and drink, or you belong to a drama group, we have a name for you. Even if your group has not been mentioned, but exist, we have a name for it.

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