20+ American Girls WhatsApp Numbers For Dating & Friendship

American Girls Whatsapp Number – American women are wonderful and amazing to be with. They are smart, always updated about the latest fashion trends, and know how to make their place in our hearts. You can say they are a little different from their European and Asian counterparts. And it’s the uniqueness that makes them stand out in the crowd.

Why is it Always Great to Date American Women?

beautiful american girls

They are bold and beautiful

American women are out and out beautiful. They are bold, adventurous and do not shy away from being wild. Whether you wish to take them out on a beach holiday or want something steamy in between the sheets of your hotel room- they will be equally fascinating everywhere. Of course, you should take their consent before getting physically intimate with them.

They are pragmatic

Another brilliant thing about American women is that they know the way of the world. They are practical, updated about things around, and can carry a quality conversation. You don’t date a dumb blonde when you date an American damsel. You date a very rational, intelligent, smart, and practical woman who also knows how to be cool.

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They believe inequality

The USA embodies an egalitarian society where men and women are deemed equal. An American woman too sees herself as equivalent to a man and is ready to take up most of the male-dominated tasks herself. So, for example, she won’t expect you to carry her grocery bags as she is ready to carry them herself.

Then, she will always be ready to pay the bill when you go out on a dinner date at a restaurant. If not the full amount, she will at least offer to pay for the half.

They are straight-forward

Another awesome thing about the American girls is that they are usually very direct. They won’t hide their feelings and leave you on perpetual guesswork. If they like something, they will tell you just like that. If they dislike anything and if you want to know about it – they won’t hide their true feelings from you. Such directness makes them easier to handle for a man.

You must be gearing up to date an American stunner now. That’s cool and there are some sites online that offer the authentic and verified phone numbers of real American girls. Whether you want a blonde or a brunette, a petite or a voluptuous one- you will get real numbers of everyone there on these sites.

American Girls Whatsapp Number

american girls

After finding out why it is great to date a girl from America, here are some real USA girls WhatsApp numbers looking for friendship and relationships.

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