The Do’s and Don’ts of Dating a Conventional Woman

Most girls in this modern-day and age are interested in clubbing, drinking their nights away, and hooking up with random men they meet. But traditional girls are so very different from them and that is what makes them stand apart in the crowd.

If you are looking for a serious woman to settle down with then they are the perfect solution for you. Once you acquire their phone number from the internet, you can devote your time to impress her. But girls with a traditional mindset are harder to appeal to and will take substantial work. Here are some do’s and don’ts to maintain to score with these beautiful ladies.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Dating a Conventional Woman

dating a conventional woman


  • Be different: Set yourself apart from the crowd. Most guys have a predator mentality and these women are well aware of it. You might think that your good looks might be enough to impress your girl but it takes more than looks to impress a conventional girl. Don’t use the same jokes and pickup lines that numerous guys have likely used on her. Be original and your different self.
  • Show off your intellect: Traditional girls place extra emphasis on academic excellence and intelligent conversations. She will want to spend her time on someone who is likely to have a successful life planned ahead for himself. Talk smart and don’t engage in cheap theatrics.
  • Meet her family: If she decides to make you meet her family, she is definitely looking for a serious relationship. Parents are a very important stepping stone. You must maintain a good relationship with her parents or the relationship is over. Be sure to make a great first impression.


dating a conventional woman

  • Do not make fun of her culture: Traditional girls are bound to take their culture and heritage seriously. Do not make the mistake of ridiculing her beliefs or try to prove her viewpoints wrong. Research about her culture beforehand to impress her and if not just ask her to educate you. Your active interest is bound to leave a good impression.
  • Do not stare at other women: If you are out with your woman and you can only concentrate on the passing ladies, she will be sure to notice that. Nothing will infuriate her more than your wandering eyes. You must make her believe that she is the only one for you.

Don’t be lazy with your appearance: Traditional girls put a lot of thought into their outfits and try to look best for their men. You should be returning that favor. Be clean, dress well and sport an organized font.

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