20+ Desi Indian College Girls Whatsapp Number for Dating

College Girl Dating Numbers – If you are looking for a relationship filled with fun and excitement then the obvious choice would be college girls. They are hardly ever looking for anything to serious and they sure do know how to have fun with their man. You can acquire a college girl’s number from the very many sites available over the internet. They will be easy to impress especially if you are an older man but they are hard to keep in your life. Follow this list of dating rules mentioned below to keep the girl hooked to you.

How to Get into a College Girl’s Heart before Dating

College Girl Dating Numbers

  • Take her out clubbing or to bars: College girls are just starting out their adult life and drinking is a crucial part of that exciting life. She will want to try out different bars and go drinking with her friends often. This is usually where they find a plethora of guys begging to interact with them. So go along with her and entice her with your company. The moment you ditch, some other guy might just swoop in and take your spot.
  • Buy her presents: Any girl appreciates presents from time to time from her beau. It makes her feel loved and special but college girls also need to be pampered. They know they are bringing so much into your life, you can return the favor by getting her little tokens of appreciation at least. The presents do not have to be grand or expensive. They can be flowers or chocolates too.
  • Be interesting: You should be educated in various topics of interest. Whether it is the new music scene, or movies or just random interesting facts. You have to be good at conversations to keep her fixated on you. Additionally, you can take an active interest in her subjects and courses. College girls may know how to have fun but they are also serious about their career when the need arises. So maybe you can guide her with her career too or help her realize her dreams and aspirations.

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Be possessive but don’t be jealous: If your girl is in college chances are she has boys swarming around her. But most likely she is just friends with all of them. If you put up a very aloof front in front of her she will assume you don’t care but get too jealous and she will feel suffocated enough to leave you. Show her you care but also let her have her time with her friends, even if they are her hot male friends.

Desi Indian College Girls Whatsapp Number

Unfortunately, we were unable to find real college girls dating numbers. However, we were able to find some Desi Indian College Girls Whatsapp Number who are looking for chatting.


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