200+ Best Telegram Channels Category List

Channels are undoubtedly the main pulling factor of Telegram. A lot of people share a bundle of invite links for channels on social networking sites to help others join and follow the channels. It just takes one click on those links to enter and follow the channel of your choice.

Fast sharing capacity, enriched co0ntent and user-friendly operation are some of the main reasons behind the high-end popularity of Telegram Channels today.

So, what are Telegram Channels?

Best Telegram Channels

According to users, Channels are the best of all features embodied by Telegram. in fact, the channels are the #1 reason why most users install Telegram on their electronic device. From checking daily news to studying market analytics to browsing the latest investment strategies- these channels help with all these and many more.

We all are aware of Fanpages on Facebook. The Channels are somewhat similar to them. The owners of these Channels are the ones who post or publish in them. Those who follow or subscribe to these Channels can study & check those posts.

I have my own great personal experience to share when it comes to Telegram Channels. Amazed by the advent of cryptocurrency, I began investing in BTC (Bitcoin) some years back. To stay updated on the market news, I began following Facebook Fanpages of the stalwarts of the crypto world.

The goal was to read their investment strategies and market analytics. But Facebook was always slow with notifications and such late readings were not helping me much. Frustrated I started looking for better options and that was when I stumbled upon some Telegram Channel invitation links. I didn’t know about them and once I started studying about Telegram & its Channels, I knew I have found my holy grail.

I have been using Telegram and following several relevant Channels since then. I must say Telegram is the best of all instant messaging apps to date. Its super light, a breeze to use and also holds some real amazing features that you won’t find in other applications. There are Super Groups, Stickers, encrypted cha/call facility, secret chat privilege, bits and of course Telegram Channels.

Now, that you are showing interest in Telegram, it’s natural that you will be looking to know the best of all Channels to follow on this instant messaging app. Well, for your convenience, I have listed down the best telegram channels in different categories.

Top 10 Telegram Channels in 2022

Best Telegram Channels

  1. AliExpress Explorer-it offers information about top AliExpress goodies that come on sale each day.
  2. Movies Free Download– a favorite of movie buffs, this channel enables followers to check out & download movies for free every day.
  3. Destination Moon Crypto Signal-it offers the best of crypto signals that are posted by automatic bots to eliminate human mistakes and biases
  4. Wall Street Trader School– It’s your hub to learn & brush up your skills on trading stocks and crypto. From analysis charts to investment strategies- the channel offers all
  5. ICO & Crypto News-This channel enlightens about daily reports about cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies, and the ICO world
  6. Funny Images– This channel aims to lighten your mood with fun images, memes, videos, and stories. An amazing stress buster!
  7. Hindi New Movies– It’s the top hub to catch Bollywood movies in HD as well as Hollywood and movies from other film industries as well
  8. Tele Miner Channel-It’s the channel to keep the crypto miners updated about latest happenings in the mining scene
  9. BooksThief– this channel enables followers to check as well as download various books every day and that too for free
  10. Amazing Facts-This is your resource of most awesome facts every single day

Telegram Messenger & Channels

Bustling with around 200 million active users, Telegram Messenger can be defined as a popular cloud-based communication app. It allows users to receive and send stickers, pictures, texts, videos as well as other files free of cost.

Telegram Messenger is compatible with all browsing devices and platforms. You will need to submit a phone number to set up Telegram in your system. You can create your profile and username that will be open to the public.

It’s claimed that Channel (Telegram) is a highly secured & strongly encrypted messaging app. As a users, you can turn on the end-to-end encryption facility of the application to ensure complete security while you send your private messages.

You are also allowed to create groups with like minded users and get into group chatting to your heart’s content with up to 50,000 people. Channels can also be used to broadcast great content to umpteen numbers of audiences globally.

Things you can do as a Telegram Messenger user:

  • Secret chatting
  • Messaging with self-destructing timer which will destroy your account automatically if you lose your device & do not sign in for 6 months
  • Bots creation
  • Sharing of adult content

Why take to Telegram Messenger?

  • The cloud-based messaging facility that allows one to get access to messages anytime and from any browsing device
  • The facility of private messaging that will be guarded by end-to-end encryption and also self-destructed over time
  • Fast messaging at a blazing speed which is much more in comparison to other existing messaging applications
  • An open platform which makes Telegram free to use
  • Very powerful and secured from hackers

Is Telegram Messenger handy for business or official chats?

Now, Telegram Messenger will be great as a communication & collaboration tool, especially for small businesses. The application boasts 200 million active users worldwide and you may have your vendors or clients on it. Thus, you can count on Telegram to market your services and brand. Moreover, the application will enable you to stay connected with your vendors, clients as well as partners and employees easily.

Unlike regular social media & other messaging apps, Telegram Channel enables direct 2-way exchange facilities with recipients.

As per some market pundits, Telegram Channel will soon replace emails as a primary medium for easy business communication.

Final words

It’s to note here that Telegram is especially meant for adult users. It may contain some controversial contents and hence it’s best to keep teens away from it till they reach adulthood.

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