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Australian Girl Whatsapp Mobile Number – Dating an Aussie girl is every male’s dream. They are tall, slender, and gorgeous with alluring personalities and an adventurous streak. Australian women are generalized simply for the reason that most of them possess these qualities. And since they are all-rounders, it requires more than a little effort to impress these beauties. But truth be told they are completely worth the effort. If you still aren’t convinced about dating an Aussie girl, these points should help you reach a different conclusion.

6 Reasons to Date an Aussie Girl

australia girls whatsapp numbers

  • She loves traveling: No one knows why but all Australians love traveling and so will the girl you are pinning after. So if you want to backpack your way through Europe or laze around the beach in Bali, she is your perfect travel companion.
  • She has an adorable accent: It may not seem like much of a reason but having a girl from whose mouth anything sounds adorable is quite a catch. You might find it hard to understand at first but you get acquainted and attached to her cute accent real quick.
  • She likes to drink: Aussies are known to be party animals and the men are often seen drinking beer more than water. If you too are one of them it only makes sense that you date someone who can give you serious competition in that department. An Aussie girl sure knows how to be fun at a party.
  • She is super amiable: It is always easy to approach someone who is giving off friendly vibes and Australians to seem to be up for conversations with anyone. While most people in big cities are reserved and defensive and may not fare well in social gatherings, your Australian girl will hold her own.
  • She is fearless: If you are looking for a woman you want to protect, an Australian woman is not a good choice for you. She is most definitely going to strong willed, intelligent, and can smell bad intentions and danger from a mile. She will need no protecting or saving.
  • You get to go to Australia: Most people do not seriously think of exploring Australia and that is a shame because the country has so much to offer. If you wind up dating an Australian you will have the liberty to explore the country in-depth and it is only natural for you to fall in love with the country as much as you have with the girl.

Australia Girls Whatsapp Numbers

While we are not the sole provider of Australian girls’ phone numbers, we are lucky to have some real ones that you can connect with. To avoid these phone numbers from getting crawled by bots, we have social-lock them, and only real people who share them on Twitter or Facebook can have access to them. Remember; Chat Respectfully!

australia girl phone number

Name: Samantha
Age: 25
Location: Perth

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